About Us

Pondam( meaning tender coconut in malayalam) is a brand owned by the MAAK Group Entity M/S LILS Impex,  a leading import and export house based out of Mogral , Kerala .

The company was started by Mr.Kabir Mogral , who sourced raw tender coconuts from all of Kerala and provide the rich in nutrients, tender coconut water, to all the neighboring states and countries in a convenient and portable packaging,  that can be refrigerated, to enable consumers to enjoy  clean , safe, chilled tender coconut water .



The Objective was to enable to consumers to avail Clean , Safe, Refrigerated Tender Coconut Water in Convenient & Portable Packaging.



Towards achieving the aforesaid objectives , we reached out to the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) Mysore,  for the technology of Bio-Preservatives which are approved to  be 100% natural  by DFRL , Coconut development board & Ministry of agriculture and enable to keep the tender coconut water in pristine form inside the packaging for a duration of atleast 9 months from the date of packaging.

This was the turning point for the company, as now the company could technically claim to be 100% natural in its production and packaging of preserved tender coconut water in convenient consumer packs.

Therefore began the journey to become a leader in the tender coconut water beverage space.